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the future of Precision Medicine.

Precision Medicine Layers

Precision Medicine is all of your life.

For a holistic view of one's health, everyone needs to see the total picture. Today, the healthcare system, your clinician, your nurse, your care team, is only seeing a small fraction of your health.

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Individual Behavior
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Social Circumstances
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Genetics & Biology
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Medical Care
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Learn about the determinants of health.

Precision Prism is...

The right information about the right person or group of people at the right time in the right manner, for the right person. This is Precision, the right view is Prism.

An open source series of designs to view and interact with Precision Medicine information. An elegant and beautiful design that will better perform with clinicians, patients, and care teams, to make faster, more informed decisions.

Every person having a standard health record that they own
Personal data drives health decisions and evolving services
Simple, non-invasive personal diagnostics
Seamless machine- and clinician-driven services that work for patients and their families
Access to healthcare services anywhere with an internet connection

One human.
One record.

Designed for all people, of all ages.

Standard Health Record Design

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Getting there is equal parts smart technology, healthcare reform, and literacy. We’re here to help with designing the future of healthcare while evangelizing for the entire system to evolve to better serve patients.

It all starts with sharing a vision.

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