Open source healthcare is part of our biology.

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Involution Studios

Involution’s design practice is dedicated to open source innovation in healthcare and has a significant track record of creating beautiful software for patients, clinicians, researchers, and analysts over the past decade.

Past projects

We build at the intersection of data and people, enabling a roadmap for future precision medicine products and services.

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Designing software for the complete coding experience at hospitals.

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Mount Sinai

An open source eConsent platform for genomic medicine research.

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An open source application providing a holistic view of your health. Based on an individual’s health data, it identifies where an individual’s health numbers are, and where they should be.

Some of our healthcare partners

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We want to bring the design of precision medicine to millions.

Over almost a decade of work, our team at Involution Studios have applied precision medicine principles to software products ranging from research tools, to hospital enterprise software, to open source applications. Now we want to use our experience to bring it to a national scale.

The people behind Precision Prism

We are a team of designers and engineers with backgrounds in biology, biomedical engineering, and digital product design, with a passion for designing for the future of health care.

Juhan Sonin

Juhan Sonin has been a software designer and creative director for two decades with his work being featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, BBC International, Wired, New Scientist, and National Public Radio (NPR).

He is a nationally recognized expert in healthcare software design and serves on Stanford Medicine X’s Design Council. Juhan also designs national policy having lead HIMSS’ mobile health standards workgroup to CCHIT’s PHR (personal health record) design guidelines to co-authoring Inspired EHRs (

Creating and shipping open source healthcare products is part of Juhan’s DNA and range from,,,, and

Eric Benoit

Eric is a designer specializing in system design and software application, leading Involution’s creationary process in UI design and pushing concepts into production. His designs have delighted patients and clinicians, and also the boardroom, leading to major investments and acquisitions for his clients.

Crafting beautiful experiences for a decade, Eric has enjoyed transforming the future of healthcare. He has worked with numerous influential companies including 3M, Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, and Mount Sinai. His work has been featured at TED, Wired, and the US Patent Office.

Eric works on open source healthcare prototypes using Arduino controllers and low-cost sensors to diagnose humans without a single drop of blood.

Edwin Choi

Edwin is a UI/UX designer with a background in biomedical communications. He has worked with Partners, Notovox, and WuXi NextCODE.

He has created visualizations and designs for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, National Library of Medicine, the Society of Interventional Radiology, has been a Vesalian Scholar for visual communication in the health sciences, and a finalist in the National Science Foundation Visualization Challenge, the Information is Beautiful Awards, and has worked closely with surgeons and medical researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital to create visualizations for emerging medical procedures and research.

Danny Van Leeuwen

Danny is an action catalyst empowering people traveling together toward best health (patients, caregivers, clinicians). He wears many hats in healthcare: patient with MS, care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys, a nurse for 40+ years, an informaticist and a QI leader.

Danny’s current work focuses on communication at transitions of care, person-centered health planning, informed decision-making, and technology supporting solutions created with and for people at the center. He has collaborated with PCORI, AHRQ, and MassHealth among others. Danny blogs at health-hats.